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  • 【Why choose this no buckle belt】It’s very uncomfortable to wear jeans with regular leather belts, here, the No Buckle Show Stretch Belt by Triworks is the best solution to that! No hassle, No Buckle Bulge, No Abrasion and Curb, No Metal Allergy, No Sharp Clasp, No deformation, Light-weight & Breathable, even feelling like no weight around your waist.

  • Double Ring closure

  • 【Are you tired of buckles digged in?】The belt buckle “cuts you in half” when you sit down! This buckle free elastic belt is always ready to help you.You can bend forward without feeling the buckle. No more belt buckles cutting into the belly! No belts can hurting you, because TRIWORKS No Buckle Belt is here to protect you. :)

  • 【Easy to use】Very easy to use thanks to the Quick Snap Fastener, you have no need to undo the belt buckle in an “emergency”, that means you can even use the bathroom faster than superman. Especially great for workers, the old, the special people, the pregnancy and the travellers, etc. With this no buckle belt, they can undo and do up easily the belt on their own.

  • 【Easy to adjust to any size waist】To adjust the belt length, simply slide the adjuster buckle till you get the correct size. 2 sizes available: XS-XL fits pants size 30"-48", M-3XL fits pants size 39"-61". We have all the size you want. The width of belt is widened for mens' size, more comfortable and durable to use.

  • 【Extra Bonus Item included】 A metal O ring included to allow the two ends of the belt to connect and be worn as a conventional belt. 2 uses in 1 belt, alternate wearing at will. You can just leave this belt on the pants if you are going to wear it again the next few days.

  • 【Be your friend and responsable for your purchase】You can feel free to buy it for your father, husband, brother, son and nephew as birthday gift, christmas gift, thanks-giving day gift, etc. Any problems about or even not about the product, TRIWORKS is always here with you. Just e-mail us! :)

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    Purchase with zero-disappointment is always our eternal pursuit, in TRIWORKS, you deserve the best!

    Have you always struggled with belts hurting you? Are you tired of metal buckles irritate your skin?
    TRIWORKS Adjustable Elastic Buckle Free Belt is here to protect you! If you buy a belt for ease and comfort, I will recommend it without hesitation! :)

    Why Choose This TRIWORKS Flat Friendly Comfortable No Buckle Belt?
    1. Perfect alternative to a traditional belt.
    2. Great for those people whose pants were getting too loose at the waist in the back due to losing weight.
    3. Nickel-Free, No metal allergy! No more worries of metal buckles irritating your skin!
    4. It hides well with your t-shirt. No worries of buckle show under your shirt or dig into your tummy anymore.
    5. Comes with a metal O ring to make it work like a regular belt if you want.
    6. With it on, there won’t have buckle in the front to mess with or poke into your stomach when you sit.
    7. Great for special people to undo and do up easily the belt on their own.
    8. Adjustable size also fits well children.

    Greaf for truck driver, workers, the old, the special people, the pregnancy, the travellers, or those who work in the machine shop, those who do a lot of manual labor, etc.

    Size Option:
    XS-XL fits pants size 30"-48"
    M-3XL fits pants size 39"-61"

    Color Option: Black, Blue, Brown

    Package Included:
    1/2/3 pcs Men Elastic No Buckle Belt
    1xMetal O Ring

    No Buckle Belt No Show Belt for Men Buckle Free Belt 1.38 Inches Wide …